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Starting Nursery!

February 2, 2017

This is a post that I never thought i’d write but yet here it is.  Tomorrow sees J’s second time in nursery and so far he is so excited about it.  M never went and never needed nursery she was happy and absorbed in activities we did at home and whilst out and about, infact it was the whole reason this blog was born, from my love of stay at home parenting.


J is so different though, he is a boy and wow he has so much boy energy he wants to burn off, all day every day.  And yes he loves to colour, paint and make dinosaurs out of playdough but I have felt for a while he needs something else.  It was really strange admitting it and for a while I felt like a failure that home and trips out somehow didn’t do it for him.   Anyway we were lucky enough to get a place in an amazing local nursery with the kindest staff there and one which has sprawling grounds and so many outdoor activities he is in his element.  What’s also a bonus is that his little friend is there so they can spend monday mornings just playing together which is what they love to do.


I have never felt so much guilt as the other day when I left him behind, he on the other hand didn’t even look back to say bye.  I worried the entire time he was gone and asked myself continually what have I done? He literally goes for one morning and one afternoon and that’s it.  I shouldn’t worry but I did, I do!


I think the more the time goes on and the more we adapt to the nursery routine it will get easier.  I think beneath the guilt is the realisation that this is right for him.  I feel proud that me and my husband both thought the same and went with it.  It might be a different path than we thought we’d follow and i’m going to miss my little guy so much but I am glad we saw that his needs were different to M’s and adapted for him rather than sticking to what we know just because we wanted him home all the time.  No one ever said being a parent was easy hey?


parent quote



Winter Skin Care Routine

January 20, 2017

Not sure if it’s just me but January makes me really want to look after myself and start a fresh.  Once Christmas and all of it’s amazing trimmings is over I have this real need to eat healthy again.  I also feel like I really want to take care of my skin. The cold mornings doing the school run and the days where you don’t want to put the heating off really plays complete havoc with your skin and its taken me ages to finally find skin care products that really suit me.


As everyone knows I love a bargain but there are some things that I’m more than happy to spend on and after years of trying endless products Clarins is a must for me.  To minimise cost I try and buy them in a way that the products i’m using run out during different months of the year so im not splashing out on a few items a month.  I think because Clarins is more of a luxury brand and you do pay out more it made me want to make sure I was using them religiously, now I always follow my routine basically because it feels wrong not to.



clarins cleanser


This feels and smells absolutely lovely.  It contains tiny particles that exfoliate your skin gently and it does feel amazing after each use but I use it in combination with a facial loofah to get more of an exfoliating effect.  I use this morning and night without fail.



clarins toner


This is the nicest toning lotion I have tried.  I really feel like it compliments the cleanser and like some toners doesn’t give that stinging feeling when applying it.



clarins cream


The thing I hate more than anything is when you feel like your skin is suffering and you know you need a good moisturiser but the ones that seem to make any difference seem so heavy and greasy. Your skin is never dry and dehydrated feeling and yet it really feels like you aren’t even wearing a moisturiser.  This stuff is truly amazing and perfect for those long winter days.


Like I said, I’m totally aware that this is more of a luxury skin care routine and by no means is this the only one that will give you benefit, it’s just the one that I have found works best for me.  At a fraction of the cost but also really lovely is The Body Shop’s Aloe range.



Ten Signs You Are Living With A Threenager

January 9, 2017

Wow, what a day! I don’t often cry at the end of a long day now.  The tears from shear tiredness that used to envelope you in the newborn days are long gone.  As are the tears of frustration from literally spending hours breast feeding and even more hours trying to get out of the house.  These days things are a lot easier, a lot more organised and quite frankly a lot more enjoyable.  Even in the early days however, I always had the philosophy to enjoy even the bad days and not loose sight of who actually was the child in all of this!


That was until today!!


My gorgeous boy has become ‘threenager’ (little person age 3 with the attitude of a teenager) extraordinaire.


Today has been a challenge and that’s putting it nicely, there have been tears, lots of them, from both of us.  So here is my top 10 signs that you also may be living with a threenager.


1. They want it and they want it now.  Whatever it is and wherever you are.  Patience just does not feature on their radar.

2. They are like Jekyl and Hyde (this often follows number 1) literally they can be nice as pie one minute, then wow all hell breaks loose, normally over the simplest things.

3. Gone is that awful stage where they like to throw food over the side of their highchair, constantly, now it’s the dawn of the food expert. Is it cooked yet, is it ready yet, are we having so and so tonight, I dont want this I want that instead.  It’s completely baffling because literally 5 minutes ago you were sat gurgling and smiling with your pureed carrot, but now?!

4. They like to take the kitchen sink with them when they go out.   And normally change their mind at least three times before you make it out of the door as to what it is they are actually going to take.

5. They run-Anywhere and Everywhere-You name it, they run.

6. Despite their love of running they can suddenly turn into Mr Soft and point blank refuse to walk or even stand up on the most impressive jelly legs.  This is normally, i’ve noticed in response to something you have said, like  ‘no more running’ or ‘we have to go here now, hold my hand’.

7. They have probably dropped their afternoon nap.  This is great because on one hand it means they are ready for sleep when bedtime comes around and the bedtime routine is miles easier. It also means they can quite often struggle to make it through the day without their nap and by early evening become very, very cranky.

8. They hate (most of the time) their buggies.  They are beyond needing a buggy all the time yet still have little legs that can get very tired and yet point blank refuse to give in and have a rest in the pram.  Not actually sure when we will be brave enough to leave J’s buggy behind when we are out and about in town.

9. They will say what they want, wherever you are. About anything and anyone.  They still lack the filter like a 2 year old but unfortunately for us Mama’s their speech is so much better and they can be understood a whole lot better.

10. This last point is the one that today has left me feeling like I have spent a few hours in the gym working muscles I didn’t know I had.  Today we have managed to tie this point in with points 2,5,6,7,8 and 9 and made this Mama feel like I had never wanted to see bedtime so much for a long time.  It’s a small phrase …’It’s time to go’ and wow today at playroup it changed our day! There is no way of explaining this politely just how much threenagers hate this phrase!


So now the house is quite, J finally fell asleep mid story time, completely exhausted and I ask myself what could I have done differently today? And honestly I’m really, really not sure.  It was so difficult, he was so difficult.  I feel lots better now and have even had a little chuckle writing this post, I can’t say I’m not nervous about tomorrow morning’s school run but fingers crossed my gorgeous, now angelic looking threenager has had a good sleep and feels a whole lot better in the morning. x

Hello January x

January 3, 2017



I can’t quite believe that in an instant the magic, anticipation and the build up to Christmas is over and we have to wait another year for it to return.  I feel really sad about it but also I’m now ready to pack away the decorations, clean the house from top to bottom and look forward to what 2017 brings.


This is the year where hopefully our house finally gets finished and properly becomes our home.  The year when we are going to plan lots of family time and discover new places together.  The year where we are going to focus more than ever on our wellbeing.  Because of these things I feel positive that January is here and look forward to 2017 getting underway.

Shopping Haul #3 Stocking Fillers

December 21, 2016

Against the odds, we are all organised and done.  I’m so determined to sit back and relax on Christmas Eve after our very hectic run up to Christmas.  For those who still have to hit the shops, here are a few ideas for stocking fillers that I have picked up for M and J this year.


These adorable little Christmas items both came from Primark, I actually picked them up in the January sales last year so they were literally about £1.00 each.  While they may not have the exact things in stock they will have similar and non sale they were around £2 each so really affordable.








M is really into lip balms at the moment and this cute set came from Boots, there are so many different types this year, especially Japanese/Kawaii designs but this was too cute to leave!



These were £1.00 for 4 gliders!! I came across them on Amazon whilst looking for all things dinosaur.



I always try and avoid the selection box route and tend to get M and J just some little sweets to put in their stockings. This is so cute and really different, which I love.  It came from B and M for £2.50.




This is a little bit bigger than a stocking filler but is one of my favourite things I have bought this year.  It’s a little back pack with the front cover of the classic book on it.  Inside are 2 activity books and the story We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.  This was £10.00 from The Book People.




As if the back pack couldn’t get any cuter…..I found this.  The bear from the story! He was quite expensive but far too cute to leave behind.  He was £12.00 from Waterstones.



Happy last minute shopping xxx

Christmas Shopping Haul #2 Matalan

December 16, 2016

I’m really surprised that i’m writing about a haul from Matalan because if i’m honest I hardly ever shop there.  However, a friend of mine mentioned it and showed me a picture of her tree from last year and some of the decorations she had bought from Matalan, they were just lovely.


I was so excited to see what they had when their Christmas range came out and I have to say they have some of the nicest Christmas decorations on the High St this year.  If this is what they are like each year Matalan has definitely made it on my ‘go to list’ for festive items.


Tree Decorations



Seriously, how lovely are all of these.  They compliment other items we had on our tree last year, I love them so much.  What makes them even more cute is the little name tags with a festive saying, I’m a sucker when it comes to little quotes.

IMG_1352 IMG_1386






I couldn’t resist the Santa decoration either, last year we totally altered our tree.  Went for warm white lights and a neutral/winter wonderland style tree and yes, it is lovely but I think we all missed the memories and the ‘tack’ of the tree we normally have.  So I came up with the idea that this year we would have two trees! So our messy, uncoordinated tree is back with pride of place in the dining room and the Father Christmas looks so traditional hanging there, I love it.








How lovely are these bowls, I went in store for some Christmas decorations and ended up picking up a load more goodies.  The bowls are embossed with reindeer all round and are such good quality they are just lovely. I really needed some new bowls to put snacks in around the house and these were just perfect.  Behind, is another impulse buy, a gorgeous ‘Scandi’ style throw.  It’s so soft and is just perfect for Christmas Eve when cuddled up watching a film.


IMG_1349                               IMG_1348

These cuties aren’t my normal style but for some reason I was really drawn to them, they are so sweet. Can’t wait for a cup of tea whilst snuggled up under the throw! All we need is some cold, wintery weather to set the scene.


I’m really pleased with what we managed to pick up, the best thing about it, everything on this page was under £5!


God Bless Internet Shopping and Our Postman!

December 15, 2016

Is it only me that sits here and think when did I actually break that mirror?!


So, it’s week number 3 of being indoors with the dreaded pox and 3 weeks closer to Christmas.  In actual fact there are not many shopping days left at all.  Seriously how did that happen.  I’m organised, sort of.  But today I thought J is probably ok to go out for a bit, we had a little list of stuff to do.  Nothing major just bits that we could fit in today that would add a few more ticks on the checklist.


But no! I decided to nip to the local retail park to swap something really quickly i picked up by mistake last night.  Five mins tops and I would be done, heading home to J and to relieve my Mum.  And what happens? The car totally and utterly gives up on me.  Not on a quiet side road, but on a busy duel carriage way.  Like I said, when did I break that mirror?


Anyway it did start and we did manage to get closer to home until it happened again.  And this time it was not going to move!  As luck would have it the bus that stops outside our house came round the corner, so on I jumps and made it home.  Car still stuck in our village.


Obviously mine and J’s shopping trip is off and the things we were going to tick off today has just been added back onto my long list of things still to do and quite honestly sitting here I don’t know when they will get done and I could cry.


But then the door went.  It was our postman with some parcels and the reminder that all is not lost and that internet shopping is amazing, and in fact sometimes a whole lot nicer than waiting in endless queues.


Because this arrived today, M’s Christmas outfit.



I knew exactly what I wanted for her little Christmas Day dress this year but couldn’t seem to find it anywhere.  Then I found it, a gorgeous tartan dress by Mayoral.  We managed to get it in the sale at Cherubs online and it came wrapped in lovely Christmas paper and tied with a bow and it put such a smile on my face.  So simple yet so nice to open and find this. So thank you Cherubsonline you’ve well and truly bought back the Christmas cheer to this happy Mama.

Christmas Haul #1 Primark

December 4, 2016

Wow, what a few weeks we’ve had. M hit by chicken pox and as predicted 2 weeks later J is covered from head to toe.  Plans of finishing our Christmas shopping has well and truly gone out of the window, as we prepare to spend our third week in doors!  I normally get Christmas presents all year round and this year I’ve never been so thankful to be organised.  That said I crave to be out in the hustle and bustle of Christmas shoppers getting those last bits you realised you had forgotten.  I long to get our tree up and get the house filled with Christmas magic, and we will, when our poorly boy is better.


That said, I’ve managed to get a few little hauls standing by, ready and waiting for Christmas time.  And where better to start than Primark….everyone loves a Primark haul, especially at Christmas!


Christmas Jim Jams




Seriously, could these pjs be any cuter? Or scream Christmas Eve any more? The picture really doesn’t do them justice but they are adorable.  I’m especially loving mine, that have sparkly gold thread running throughout. They are and absolute bargain at £8 and £5 each for the little jim jams.


Cosy Slippers



Christmas pjs would not be complete without a pair of super cute slippers, these are just perfect and super cosy.


Super Soft, Cosy Jumper



So, not strictly Christmas but perfect jumper to get wrapped up in over the festive period.  Super soft and a world away from the dark winter colours that are everywhere.


Cute Christmas Socks




What is it about the till queues in Primark? Is it always me that sees things that they just can’t resist, when you are convinced you are finished your shopping!! Very cleverly you will often find the cutest items as you are waiting to pay and at this time of year they are usually the best stocking fillers.


Tiny Tree Decorations




Everyone seems to be having fun with ‘Elf on the Shelf’ this year.  This is actually the third Christmas our cheeky elf has come to stay.  Each year he gets more and more naughty!  The plan this year is while M is sleeping  one night he’s going to put up a mini Christmas tree in her room!  These tiny sparkly baubles are perfect elf size.


Happy Shopping Everyone!




The Pox!

November 23, 2016

Just when you think you are quite organised and you’ve got a few weeks before the Christmas madness really begins, out of the blue the dreaded Chicken Pox hits, just like that. In fact as I write this there’s almost a half of M’s class off with it. It’s quite literally a Chicken Pox epidemic!


Thankfully it’s hit us early and I hope that the last few days will be a distant memory to M soon because wow they’ve been difficult. She was actually unconsolable at times. So here’s a few of our top tips to fight those itchy days.


1.Oatmeal Baths

This was the biggest form of relief when the itching was unbearable. We tied about 2 handfuls of oats in a pair of clean tights then ran a warm bath with the tights in. Move the tights around and see the water go cloudy and allow your little one to soak for as long as they need.  On her worst day M had 3 of these baths in one day.


2. Calomine Lotion

While there is not actually any evidence that Calomine helps with chicken pox, this old remedy is the one that everyone remembers.  Once you have Chicken Pox you never forget the smell of Calomine lotion.  We used this a lot and it did sooth despite the research.


3. Cut those nails

You are so focussed on treating the spots and trying to make the itching less that you can easily forget how much damage little people can do by scratching.  Wait until after one of the oatmeal soaks and quickly trim nails as short as possible.


4. Piriton and Calpol

I’m really a stickler for natural remedies and not using over the counter medicines unless really necessary.  We had no choice on saturday but to resort to children’s Piriton medicine. I have to say 5mls of this and M was a different girl it helped so much. Regular Calpol/Paracetemol helps keeps the aches and pains at bay.


5. Anti Scar Remedy

We’ve not actually got to this point yet but i’m definitely considering making it.  Its a natural remedy to minimise scarring from the pox.  Very simply you just mix 1/4 cup warm coconut oil (we’ve really started to incorporate this into our cooking lately) with 1 tbsp of castor oil and 500mg Vitamin E. For the Vitamin E you can actually open a capsule and mix it in.


I’m so glad it’s this week and not last, we can actually see the end of it. That is un til J starts to develop spots!! At the moment all seems to be ok, fingers crossed.