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“I know, let’s go to the library!!”

May 4, 2015

Well another bank holiday where the British weather did us proud! After picturing us going for a long walk somewhere to blow the cobwebs off, we woke up Saturday morning to a miserable, wet day.  Not what we had planned at all.    “I know” my hubby said “let’s go to the library”.


And so we did!





And it was really great, perfect wet bank holiday place to go.  What struck me though, was how empty it was and this made me sad.  Despite the obvious convienience of a tablet, Kindle, IPad etc (I still don’t own one!).  There is nothing like stepping into a library.  The smell never changes.  The feel never changes.  The atmosphere never changes.  It is such a  simple and relaxing place in this busy modern world (if of course, you don’t have an 18 month old for company!!!).


Yes, our visit was crazy.  Not sure how many children’s books where pulled off the shelf and put back again.  But it was ok, it was allowed.  We headed to the Allerton Road library so the children’s section was at the back, cleverly cornered off.  But this was great.  The child sized stools were perfect and the colouful mat meant our little ones were in their element sitting on the floor surrounded by books.   M couldn’t believe her ears when we said she could pick as many books as she wished to take home (ten is actually the limit).



M ended up picking five books for herself and four for J.  We came home and snuggled up on a wet Saturday afternoon and just sat and read them.  Simple, free of charge and lovely.


What was really good was that all the libraries in the city are interlinked so you can take the books out of one and return them to another, this can definitely make life easier with little ones in tow.  The only downside was that there were no toilets!  Probably i’m wrong in thinking there should be one? But then it is as a library so probably not.  If the excitement of so many books brings on a urgent need for a toilet trip the nearest one is Tesco just across the road!

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