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Ladies Who Lunch. M and I Visit Coast, Woolton.

October 27, 2015



Out of the blue the tears started flowing during M’s last week at school before half term break.  Hopefully it was just tiredness and all will be fine after a week off at home doing things she loves.


I felt the need more than ever that M and I should spend some time together, just me and her, which in actual fact I can’t remember the last time we did that. I told M what I had planned and what would she like to do.  Go for lunch and have chicken nuggets??!! she replied!!  She even picked the cafe, and she definitely picked well.


Coast is relatively new to Woolton but we have been a few times and it obviously made an impression with M wanting to go back.  We set off just the two of us and it was lovely.  We sat, the two of us and laughed and chatted and it felt like I could see the years span ahead of us and hoping beyond anything that these lunches together would carry on and on and this was the first of many.


M ordered chicken nuggets, chips and beans.  They are actually chicken goujons, home made from chicken breast.  Not a bit of processed meat in sight.  The huge chunky home made chips went down a treat too.  I ordered the cheese and ham toastie or “Coastie” with chilli jam.  You have to wonder how exciting can a toastie be, but this was amazing.  Made with fresh  artisan bread that’s delivered to Coast daily, served on a rustic board.  The toastie came with a side salad and ramakin of home made coleslaw.  It was a perfect lunch for a crisp autumn day.


Staff were friendly and attentive and made our visit even more pleasurable.  As with most five year olds we had to visit the bathroom, and this was by no mean secondary to attention to detail seen elsewhere.  We visited the upstairs toilet and it was absolutely spotless.  With not having J with us we didn’t have to use the baby change station but what a refreshing change to see an area that you don’t actually mind placing your baby on or that hasn’t got a bin close by overflowing with used nappies.


I felt I could have stayed all afternoon looking out of the window, people watching.  And for once M didn’t seem to be in a hurry to leave and start something new.  As we walked home I asked M if she’d like to do that again during her next school holidays.  Her reply?  What a great idea Mummy, I’d love to go back.  The chicken nuggets were amazing!

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  1. Hi
    Thank you so much for your wonderful blog … made me smile thinking how I used to do the same with my little ones who are now 22 and 19!
    Enjoy your babies and hopefully you’ll all be back soon
    Kindest regards

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