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Neighbourhood Cafe L16

April 14, 2015

It only seems fitting our very first blog post is dedicated to one of our favourite places to eat in Liverpool, Neighbourhood Cafe.


For years I’d driven past here and every time would think, we must go neighbourhood-cafehere, we must go here.  Anyway finally we did.  Did it disappoint? Absolutely not.


It’s got retro charm, fantastic menus and friendly faces.  And above all we were all welcome there.  The space is not massive but this doesnt really matter, (i’d suggest leaving the prams in the car) it just adds to the coziness of it.  We were seated by the stairs right next to the box of toys and books.  Our daughter was in her element, each and every item in the box came out.  Onto the table, next to the table, onto the stairs, on the floor and did the staff mind? Not one bit.  Infact she was encouraged to explore the delights that new, unseen toys bring.


Even in a city like Liverpool there are not that many places that tick all the boxes but Neighbourhood Cafe does.  Having now been there for long leisurely girly breakfasts, fun family lunches and a romantic date night dinner this place always gets it right.  The first time we went I ordered a roast chicken sandwich which was to die for and hubby ordered The  Original Neighbourhood Burger, both made us want to go back.  As did little one’s home made magarita pizza, with extra thin, extra yummy base.


A must is to check out the cafe at Halloween time were the windows sills are decorated with lots of fresh bright orange pumpkin and the candles on the table seem to give out and even warmer, welcoming glow.

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