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Who Needs A Week Away When You Have A Long Weekend?

October 12, 2015

Not quite sure how we came up with this idea but I love it!

Unfortunately it only transpired towards the end of summer but we’ve still managed to get two long weekends away squeezed in before the weather gets too cold.

We don’t go far, just to North Wales which for us is about 1-1 1/2 hours away.  Its great because being that close means we can get home from school Friday afternoon.  Quick change and something to eat and go and pick hubby up from work then carry on straight to Wales.

Its also great because we can travel light (OK so not light) but a whole lot lighter than if we went for a week away.  The pressure feels like it’s off too because if we forget something we’re not going to the ends of the earth, and we can live without things for a few days.  That said this time i managed to forget; contact lense solution and cases, shower gel and tea bags (no big deal but you’ve got to have a cuppa when you check in your caravan, it feels wrong not to).


We’ve been staying at  And admittedly it’s not for everyone, admittedly it’s no five star resort but I have to say we’ve loved it and it makes a great base location wise.


The sunrises were pretty amazing





As were the sunsets






We chilled out on the Friday night then on a gloriously sunny Saturday morning headed to Llandudno for the day.  It happened though that we took a certain five year old who had gotten out of the wrong side of the bed!! I hate to say it but it made things difficult and quite an effort.

Our normally well behaved children seemed to feed off each other no end. M cried at anything and everything and was genuinely in a bad mood.  We were the parents on the street corner that you walk past and sympathise with trying to reason with their little person who doesn’t care where they are or who is watching because they are going to strop.

Admittedly we didn’t expect the glorious weather so didn’t even think of packing a picnic but instead decided to eat out.  Unfortunately this became another struggle when we found ourselves pacing up and down Llandudno centre to find somewhere to eat. We decided on a little cafe not far from the front that looked both child friendly and served home cooked food only to be told there was a 25 min wait.  Reluctantly we ended up in an American style diner, it turned out OK in the end and service was quick and friendly.

I’d love to hear your comments of where to eat in Llandudno in case we dare to go back in the near future!


Despite the tears and tantrums I still managed to get some lovely snaps of the picturesque Victorian seaside town.






Sunday was much more relaxed ans we stayed on the campsite, went swimming and for a walk before we headed home ready for school the next morning.  Despite our crazy Saturday I still managed to come home feeling refreshed after our long weekend in Wales and with picnic in hand will look forward to the next one.


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