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May 29, 2015

With everyone recovered from our recent virus it was finally time to get out again.  It sounds by the name that we’ve been exploring Middle Earth i know but we’re not quite that adventurous..yet!!  Today took us to a nearby garden centre, Rivendell.


Garden centres might not be the day out of choice pre little people for many but with little people in tow they are great for passing a few hours, why? Because;

  1. Wherever you live there’s always one pretty close by.
  2. They often have animals to look at, little people (and big) cant help looking at the cute bunnies!
  3. They always have little rides you can put £1 in and bring a big smile to a little face
  4. Most have a toy corner with reasonably priced pocket money toys
  5. Garden centres and parking are free.


We looked at the toys for a while and the endless stock of Frozen goodies.  M decided that this was the right moment to start compiling her Christmas list for this year!  We’ve not even had summer yet I tried to explain, then there’s your birthday.  But no, Christmas list it was!  Although M has asked for things in the past for her Birthday and Christmas this was the first time that she’s ever mentioned making a list.  Which i fear will be as long as her arm by the time December comes.


We then went to pet corner, I was keeping my fingers crossed that the bunny rabbit that ‘looks like he loves me’ didn’t also end up on M’s Christmas list, as cute as he/she was.


Outside was a mass of flowers, trees, shrubs, herbs, pots, statues and anything else you could think of to make your garden summer worthy.  They also made a great place to play chase (toned down version) around the perfectly set out flower displays.  As I followed the leader as M instructed me I was able to sneakily look for inspiration for our garden that each year we are in the house is starting, albeit very slowly, to evolve into what I pictured it would.  I daydreamed a bit thinking what it would look like finished.


That was until the Pom Bears finished, the Rich Tea biscuits had been eaten and J protested loudly.


It was time to go!


Pics to follow, because like me after our trip to middle earth, the batteries on my camera have run out!

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