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The Pox!

November 23, 2016

Just when you think you are quite organised and you’ve got a few weeks before the Christmas madness really begins, out of the blue the dreaded Chicken Pox hits, just like that. In fact as I write this there’s almost a half of M’s class off with it. It’s quite literally a Chicken Pox epidemic!


Thankfully it’s hit us early and I hope that the last few days will be a distant memory to M soon because wow they’ve been difficult. She was actually unconsolable at times. So here’s a few of our top tips to fight those itchy days.


1.Oatmeal Baths

This was the biggest form of relief when the itching was unbearable. We tied about 2 handfuls of oats in a pair of clean tights then ran a warm bath with the tights in. Move the tights around and see the water go cloudy and allow your little one to soak for as long as they need.  On her worst day M had 3 of these baths in one day.


2. Calomine Lotion

While there is not actually any evidence that Calomine helps with chicken pox, this old remedy is the one that everyone remembers.  Once you have Chicken Pox you never forget the smell of Calomine lotion.  We used this a lot and it did sooth despite the research.


3. Cut those nails

You are so focussed on treating the spots and trying to make the itching less that you can easily forget how much damage little people can do by scratching.  Wait until after one of the oatmeal soaks and quickly trim nails as short as possible.


4. Piriton and Calpol

I’m really a stickler for natural remedies and not using over the counter medicines unless really necessary.  We had no choice on saturday but to resort to children’s Piriton medicine. I have to say 5mls of this and M was a different girl it helped so much. Regular Calpol/Paracetemol helps keeps the aches and pains at bay.


5. Anti Scar Remedy

We’ve not actually got to this point yet but i’m definitely considering making it.  Its a natural remedy to minimise scarring from the pox.  Very simply you just mix 1/4 cup warm coconut oil (we’ve really started to incorporate this into our cooking lately) with 1 tbsp of castor oil and 500mg Vitamin E. For the Vitamin E you can actually open a capsule and mix it in.


I’m so glad it’s this week and not last, we can actually see the end of it. That is un til J starts to develop spots!! At the moment all seems to be ok, fingers crossed.



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