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Ten Signs You Are Living With A Threenager

January 9, 2017

Wow, what a day! I don’t often cry at the end of a long day now.  The tears from shear tiredness that used to envelope you in the newborn days are long gone.  As are the tears of frustration from literally spending hours breast feeding and even more hours trying to get out of the house.  These days things are a lot easier, a lot more organised and quite frankly a lot more enjoyable.  Even in the early days however, I always had the philosophy to enjoy even the bad days and not loose sight of who actually was the child in all of this!


That was until today!!


My gorgeous boy has become ‘threenager’ (little person age 3 with the attitude of a teenager) extraordinaire.


Today has been a challenge and that’s putting it nicely, there have been tears, lots of them, from both of us.  So here is my top 10 signs that you also may be living with a threenager.


1. They want it and they want it now.  Whatever it is and wherever you are.  Patience just does not feature on their radar.

2. They are like Jekyl and Hyde (this often follows number 1) literally they can be nice as pie one minute, then wow all hell breaks loose, normally over the simplest things.

3. Gone is that awful stage where they like to throw food over the side of their highchair, constantly, now it’s the dawn of the food expert. Is it cooked yet, is it ready yet, are we having so and so tonight, I dont want this I want that instead.  It’s completely baffling because literally 5 minutes ago you were sat gurgling and smiling with your pureed carrot, but now?!

4. They like to take the kitchen sink with them when they go out.   And normally change their mind at least three times before you make it out of the door as to what it is they are actually going to take.

5. They run-Anywhere and Everywhere-You name it, they run.

6. Despite their love of running they can suddenly turn into Mr Soft and point blank refuse to walk or even stand up on the most impressive jelly legs.  This is normally, i’ve noticed in response to something you have said, like  ‘no more running’ or ‘we have to go here now, hold my hand’.

7. They have probably dropped their afternoon nap.  This is great because on one hand it means they are ready for sleep when bedtime comes around and the bedtime routine is miles easier. It also means they can quite often struggle to make it through the day without their nap and by early evening become very, very cranky.

8. They hate (most of the time) their buggies.  They are beyond needing a buggy all the time yet still have little legs that can get very tired and yet point blank refuse to give in and have a rest in the pram.  Not actually sure when we will be brave enough to leave J’s buggy behind when we are out and about in town.

9. They will say what they want, wherever you are. About anything and anyone.  They still lack the filter like a 2 year old but unfortunately for us Mama’s their speech is so much better and they can be understood a whole lot better.

10. This last point is the one that today has left me feeling like I have spent a few hours in the gym working muscles I didn’t know I had.  Today we have managed to tie this point in with points 2,5,6,7,8 and 9 and made this Mama feel like I had never wanted to see bedtime so much for a long time.  It’s a small phrase …’It’s time to go’ and wow today at playroup it changed our day! There is no way of explaining this politely just how much threenagers hate this phrase!


So now the house is quite, J finally fell asleep mid story time, completely exhausted and I ask myself what could I have done differently today? And honestly I’m really, really not sure.  It was so difficult, he was so difficult.  I feel lots better now and have even had a little chuckle writing this post, I can’t say I’m not nervous about tomorrow morning’s school run but fingers crossed my gorgeous, now angelic looking threenager has had a good sleep and feels a whole lot better in the morning. x

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