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Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2016

This year we’ve added to our Halloween decorations and managed to pick up some really cool spooky things.  A few weeks ago M said we couldn’t have Halloween this year because she has loose teeth and couldn’t do duck apple! Fast forward a few weeks and those teeth are still hanging on in there. So I had a think what coud we do instead and I came up with this fab idea…….

candy floss machine


A Candy Floss Machine!!!

We had our little Halloween party yesterday and it went down a treat.  I picked it up from Claus Ohlson in the sale and have had it hidden for a good few weeks, it was around £15.  I would recommend it for a fun piece at any party, the candy floss tasted amazing just like the real thing.  Can’t wait until Bonfire night to use it again.

I also picked up these lights for £1.99 and £3.99 from B and M, the ghost one we have along a window sill and the pumpkins draped over our fire place.

ghost lights

halloween lights

sainsburys pumpkin light

This cool guy came from sainsburys for £2, he’s a battery powered pumpkin light.  We have 2 of these on the fire either side of a large pottery style pumpkin which also came from B and M.   We’ve gone safety concious this year and used battery powered tea lights throughout.

There was so much around this year to make Halloween super fun, I did notice though that the best things were in the shops quite a few weeks before Halloween so you had to be quick.  The few days leading up to Halloween lots of shelves were empty and had already made way for Christmas items, just a tip for next year!

Happy Halloween!!

Trolls Trolls Trolls

October 28, 2016

As far as kids movies go sometime you got to admit they just aren’t all great.  Cringe worthy jokes and storylines that just dont hold they imagination.  Let’s face it we’ve all been there clock watching in the cionema willing for a film to just come to an end.


So this half term when M and I headed to watch the much anticipated Trolls movie I didnt know what to expect.  Enter 90 minutes of fun filled, all singing, all dancing entertainment. It truly was great!


With the main voice overs from Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick the film follows Poppy and Branch  through a heartwarming story of love and friendship.  Additional voice overs come from a mass of talent including Gwen Stefani, Russell Brand and James Corden to name a few. The story finishes of course with a happy ending and throughout there are so many well known songs that you want to sing along to.


Online reviews seem mediocre at best but I wonder did they actually take along a six year old for company?  As far as a Mummy is concerned, the film was fab, so guys with just a few days left of half term Trolls is a must.



Rediscovering H and M and Primark

October 26, 2016

I frequented H and M years ago and to be honest i’m not actually sure why I stopped shopping there. Glad to say though since the summer i’ve rediscovered it big time, the children’s clothes and homeware have some great little pieces.  Also, I totally fell out of love with Primark a while ago and haven’t shopped there in ages, until recently when again I picked up some great little buys, this time it was mainly accessories but I’m definitely planning a return to have a good old mooch through the autumn trends on offer.


Anyway, here’s the cute pieces we’ve managed to bag ourselves this half term.












Sorry, but could you actually get any cuter? M wears this with black tutu and black tights.  Can’t actually remember how much it was but definitely only a few pounds from H and M.



Again, how cute is this purse? Definitely got a kawaii vibe to it that M and myself actually adore. This was just £3.99 from H and M.






This little swim suit find was a bit late for this year, it was from the end of the summer sale in H and M and luckily came in a size bigger than M is now so hopefully will fit next year, it was the grand total of £3.50




















The last three goodies all came from Primark, the little headbands for M were 50p!! The makeup sponges £1, can’t quite believe that, only picked them up because the packaging felt so good and they remind me of a bag of marshmallows!! And the final items the cosmetic bag, I think was either £2.99 or £3.99 and the mirror £1.00 or £1.99.


The mirror I have to say was my first item in the primark rose gold collection which I now just love.  They also do sharpeners, eye lash curlers and a few other bits and i’m keeping my fingers crossed they add to the collection too.


All in all a super cheap little haul from shops i’d forgotten about but are now right back up there with my favourites.




Baby Loss Awarness Week

October 14, 2016

infant loss awarness

It is such a sad truth that 1 in 4 pregnancies end in loss. This week sees Infant Loss Awareness week that is supported world wide.  During the week there is endless support available online for those who have been affected.


The week ends tomorrow at 7pm with the lighting of candles, ‘The Global Wave of Light’. We can all support this.  Light a candle and post on facebook or twitter #waveof light. The candle symbolises all those babies that were born sleeping or passed away too soon and how they managed to light of the lives of everyone who knew them.


Please support, it is so important, this week and beyond.

Time to Celebrate a Great

September 13, 2016



This morning the feel good atmosphere in the school playground was at it’s best.  Our entire school was dressed up as their chosen character from a Roald Dahl book. Why? Well today we celebrate the great author himself as he would have become a Centenarian.


There is not a child who is not touched in some way by his books and transported to his wacky worlds.  As a parent it is truly wonderful revisiting his tales.


Today showed the magic continues, the sense of togetherness that a love of the same books, especially Roald Dahl’s,  can create is still as strong as ever and long may it continue.


It really is time to celebrate one of life’s greats.


No guessing who we went as today……………




Back To School….Back to Blogging

September 4, 2016

Wow, it’s been ages! Infact it’s been so long that not only the weeks have gone by but the months since Baby and Us last posted.


I feel sad that I left it so long, but actually it was the right thing to do.  Just to stop writing for a bit and be us.  Now though it’s time to fire up my trusty old laptop again and start writing and what better time to start than just before M starts school again.  New beginnings and all that.


Anyway, how DID that happen? How is it an entire year since M told me on her 5th birthday as she got ready for her first day at school ‘I think you should phone in and tell them I will be in tomorrow because today is my birthday’. How did my girl go from that new, reception gracing tiny girl to the settled, self assured girl who everyone loves and who is now so familiar with our school routine?

Time really does fly.


I cannot wait to start posting again, we have had lots of fun and will continue to do so.


But for now, M go back to that familiar, safe place where you will continue to grow and be loved and keep being the beautiful girl that you are.


Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.’  Nelson Mandela



Image result for children holding hands picture

Swing into Spring

April 10, 2016

The weather is definitely changed and it’s feeling more and more like spring is on us doesn’t it?


I’ve just sat down in a very quiet house (M and J) have gone out with Daddy as I slept from my 12 hour night shift but of course, I slept and as every Mum does used my alone time to do jobs! Today I cleaned the house for the first time in a very long time without a two year old in tow and wow what a difference it makes! The house actually feels and looks clean and smells of spring.  I love it!


I also really love picking up a few items when the seasons change.  Spring makes you want to leave the heavy winter clothes behind and buy things that are new and fresh feeling.


This week I picked up these treats which are perfect for spring.




I’ve been needing a new make up bag for ages and for whatever reason never picked one up until now.  This Ted Baker one from Boots is perfect and actually has matching items.  It was only £8 which is fantastic but what’s even better is I used my points to buy it instead.  Boots points are a fab way to treat yourself and add up quickly if you are a member of the Parenting Club.





This is probably one of the nicest denim shirts I’ve seen for a long time.  It’s so soft and the colour is amazing, I was actually looking for a white shirt when I saw this but this is fantastic! I’m pairing it with black jeans and tan ballet pumps at the moment.




I’m am so into saving and getting bargains where you can but there are some things you just can’t compromise on and you really do get what you pay for.  Jo Malone are my all time favourite perfumes.  They are all amazing and honestly, I wouldn’t wear anything else.  This hand was a Mummy treat with some birthday money I managed not to spend on food shops or likewise.  It’s Lime, Basil and Mandarin and you couldn’t get anything fresher its just lovely and perfect for sunny days.

Happy Easter!

March 27, 2016

Happy Easter All!!


In our house we’ve actually been excited about Easter Day since Boxing Day, or so it seems!


The count down until Easter Bunny arrives, until the chocolate eggs appear and adding to the excitment this year, the hatching of the class chicks.


We love Easter in our house and make a big deal of the festival of new starts, new hope.  It’s almost as exciting as Christmas but without the hectic build up.  I have noticed though that each year the shops are getting more and more decorations  and items for the home, which we just love.  We have a very special big Easter Bunny who takes pride of place next to the fire, she comes out year after year and was the first thing we bought for Easter after M was born.


These are our new additions to our Easter celebration this year.



This bunting looks fantastic, it was so easy to make and will definitely be used each year.


 I just love these Easter eggs they make the perfect centre piece, the only trouble

is convincing J they are not to eat!!


These are the cutest things! M and J just love them, we have them on the fireplace

and the window sills in between vases of daffodils.


These two cuties are my favourite buy this Easter.  J has a nut allergy so in

our house Easter Bunny has to be imaginitive! These are by Tiramasu and are adorable.

Apart from the bunnies all our decorations were under £2.00 which is amazing! They can be brought out year after year.  Look out in the shops this week because shops often have excess stock and you can grab some real bargains to put away for next year!

Enjoy your day x