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A Mouse Took A Stroll Through The Deep Dark Wood……

October 21, 2015

J turned a big 2 at the weekend.


It felt quite emotional because next birthday there will be no more baby traits left he will be a big 3 and a big boy.


It was also emotional because milestones are all the more significant when like J there have been some health issues along the way.  These days remind you how far you have come, how strong someone has come and the distance between now and the past is getting greater all the time.


There was no big party just a special family day with fun and birthday cake and lots of laughs.  That wasn’t however until we’d blown the cobwebs off and managed to find The Gruffalo!!!


We all headed to Delemere Forest, an amazing expanse of forestry with walks to suit everyone.  We’d been meaning to follow the Gruffalo trail since last year and finally got round to it.  It was 1.5 miles in total and had 12 markers every so often with Gruffalo based questions we had to answer along the way.  M was in her element, as was J, and whilst pram friendly we got brave and let J walk a while and of course being a boy wanted to disapper down every hill, in every hideout and jump in every muddy puddle!  It took us in the end about 2 hours in all to complete the walk and head back to the car.  We didn’t have loads of time as we had to head back for birthday tea but we all really want to go again and next time M and J can go exploring to their hearts content.


It cost just £1.50 to buy the map and question sheet so a really cheap day out, we did have to pay for parking too.  There was also a cafe that looked lovely near the starting point which was in addition to the old station cafe.  And hubby’s fave was the  BBQ and loads of out door seating which we are definitely going to make use of next time.



‘A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood…’



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