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Swing into Spring

April 10, 2016

The weather is definitely changed and it’s feeling more and more like spring is on us doesn’t it?


I’ve just sat down in a very quiet house (M and J) have gone out with Daddy as I slept from my 12 hour night shift but of course, I slept and as every Mum does used my alone time to do jobs! Today I cleaned the house for the first time in a very long time without a two year old in tow and wow what a difference it makes! The house actually feels and looks clean and smells of spring.  I love it!


I also really love picking up a few items when the seasons change.  Spring makes you want to leave the heavy winter clothes behind and buy things that are new and fresh feeling.


This week I picked up these treats which are perfect for spring.




I’ve been needing a new make up bag for ages and for whatever reason never picked one up until now.  This Ted Baker one from Boots is perfect and actually has matching items.  It was only £8 which is fantastic but what’s even better is I used my points to buy it instead.  Boots points are a fab way to treat yourself and add up quickly if you are a member of the Parenting Club.





This is probably one of the nicest denim shirts I’ve seen for a long time.  It’s so soft and the colour is amazing, I was actually looking for a white shirt when I saw this but this is fantastic! I’m pairing it with black jeans and tan ballet pumps at the moment.




I’m am so into saving and getting bargains where you can but there are some things you just can’t compromise on and you really do get what you pay for.  Jo Malone are my all time favourite perfumes.  They are all amazing and honestly, I wouldn’t wear anything else.  This hand was a Mummy treat with some birthday money I managed not to spend on food shops or likewise.  It’s Lime, Basil and Mandarin and you couldn’t get anything fresher its just lovely and perfect for sunny days.

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