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Christmas Shopping Haul #2 Matalan

December 16, 2016

I’m really surprised that i’m writing about a haul from Matalan because if i’m honest I hardly ever shop there.  However, a friend of mine mentioned it and showed me a picture of her tree from last year and some of the decorations she had bought from Matalan, they were just lovely.


I was so excited to see what they had when their Christmas range came out and I have to say they have some of the nicest Christmas decorations on the High St this year.  If this is what they are like each year Matalan has definitely made it on my ‘go to list’ for festive items.


Tree Decorations



Seriously, how lovely are all of these.  They compliment other items we had on our tree last year, I love them so much.  What makes them even more cute is the little name tags with a festive saying, I’m a sucker when it comes to little quotes.

IMG_1352 IMG_1386






I couldn’t resist the Santa decoration either, last year we totally altered our tree.  Went for warm white lights and a neutral/winter wonderland style tree and yes, it is lovely but I think we all missed the memories and the ‘tack’ of the tree we normally have.  So I came up with the idea that this year we would have two trees! So our messy, uncoordinated tree is back with pride of place in the dining room and the Father Christmas looks so traditional hanging there, I love it.








How lovely are these bowls, I went in store for some Christmas decorations and ended up picking up a load more goodies.  The bowls are embossed with reindeer all round and are such good quality they are just lovely. I really needed some new bowls to put snacks in around the house and these were just perfect.  Behind, is another impulse buy, a gorgeous ‘Scandi’ style throw.  It’s so soft and is just perfect for Christmas Eve when cuddled up watching a film.


IMG_1349                               IMG_1348

These cuties aren’t my normal style but for some reason I was really drawn to them, they are so sweet. Can’t wait for a cup of tea whilst snuggled up under the throw! All we need is some cold, wintery weather to set the scene.


I’m really pleased with what we managed to pick up, the best thing about it, everything on this page was under £5!


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