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Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2016

This year we’ve added to our Halloween decorations and managed to pick up some really cool spooky things.  A few weeks ago M said we couldn’t have Halloween this year because she has loose teeth and couldn’t do duck apple! Fast forward a few weeks and those teeth are still hanging on in there. So I had a think what coud we do instead and I came up with this fab idea…….

candy floss machine


A Candy Floss Machine!!!

We had our little Halloween party yesterday and it went down a treat.  I picked it up from Claus Ohlson in the sale and have had it hidden for a good few weeks, it was around £15.  I would recommend it for a fun piece at any party, the candy floss tasted amazing just like the real thing.  Can’t wait until Bonfire night to use it again.

I also picked up these lights for £1.99 and £3.99 from B and M, the ghost one we have along a window sill and the pumpkins draped over our fire place.

ghost lights

halloween lights

sainsburys pumpkin light

This cool guy came from sainsburys for £2, he’s a battery powered pumpkin light.  We have 2 of these on the fire either side of a large pottery style pumpkin which also came from B and M.   We’ve gone safety concious this year and used battery powered tea lights throughout.

There was so much around this year to make Halloween super fun, I did notice though that the best things were in the shops quite a few weeks before Halloween so you had to be quick.  The few days leading up to Halloween lots of shelves were empty and had already made way for Christmas items, just a tip for next year!

Happy Halloween!!

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