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Rediscovering H and M and Primark

October 26, 2016

I frequented H and M years ago and to be honest i’m not actually sure why I stopped shopping there. Glad to say though since the summer i’ve rediscovered it big time, the children’s clothes and homeware have some great little pieces.  Also, I totally fell out of love with Primark a while ago and haven’t shopped there in ages, until recently when again I picked up some great little buys, this time it was mainly accessories but I’m definitely planning a return to have a good old mooch through the autumn trends on offer.


Anyway, here’s the cute pieces we’ve managed to bag ourselves this half term.












Sorry, but could you actually get any cuter? M wears this with black tutu and black tights.  Can’t actually remember how much it was but definitely only a few pounds from H and M.



Again, how cute is this purse? Definitely got a kawaii vibe to it that M and myself actually adore. This was just £3.99 from H and M.






This little swim suit find was a bit late for this year, it was from the end of the summer sale in H and M and luckily came in a size bigger than M is now so hopefully will fit next year, it was the grand total of £3.50




















The last three goodies all came from Primark, the little headbands for M were 50p!! The makeup sponges £1, can’t quite believe that, only picked them up because the packaging felt so good and they remind me of a bag of marshmallows!! And the final items the cosmetic bag, I think was either £2.99 or £3.99 and the mirror £1.00 or £1.99.


The mirror I have to say was my first item in the primark rose gold collection which I now just love.  They also do sharpeners, eye lash curlers and a few other bits and i’m keeping my fingers crossed they add to the collection too.


All in all a super cheap little haul from shops i’d forgotten about but are now right back up there with my favourites.




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