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Acorn Venture Urban Farm

March 12, 2016

Didn’t today feel like winter was nearly over?


Like spring was definitely on the way?


It did to us and we had a trip out to Acorn Venture Urban Farm.  This place is ideal for this time of year where it feels good to be out again after a long cold, wet winter but it’s not warm enough to spend whole days out just yet.





We headed here because M’s teacher has hired an incubator from the farm and they have given the class ten fertile eggs which on the 21st March will hatch!! It’s to show the children how new life begins and it’s just the loveliest idea.


For such a small, charity run farm there was lots to see and do and it was so well kept.  There was even a sensory garden with musical instruments that everyone thought was really fun!








M decided her favourite animals were the rabbits.  J and Daddy decided theirs were the pigs.  And  mine were definitely the tiny, newly hatched chicks darting around their enclosure.


The farm was just big enough for little legs to walk around and leave some energy for the playground.




Mummy’s Favourite













Acorn Farm, we had a lovely day, and at a mere £2.50 and £1.50 admission fee, we will definitely be back.



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