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Bank holiday weekend, and we were all sick!

May 26, 2015

Having such a busy schedule at the moment is made easier by the thought there is a bank holiday weekend on the horizon.  Ok, so it still means I have to go to work at the weekend but it feels different knowing the Monday will be different.  Knowing hubby will be there when i get up and we can spend some time as a family.


The last bank holiday in May  is my favourite of the year because to me it means the start of summer.  It means the days really do start to get longer.  The nights really do start to get lighter.  And the BBQs are a plenty.


Three Sisters!


This bank holiday was special in Liverpool.  It saw the meeting of the three Queens on the River Mersey for the first time in Cunard’s history.  We’d planned to be part of the celebrations, part of the atmosphere, part of the city but J had other ideas!


The days have gone in a blur with us all at one point or another confined to our bed with a horrible virus. There has been no celebrations and no trip into our wonderful city to witness another spectacular we are renowned for.  Its sad but we are planning lots of fun things to make up for it and hopefully will soon be back on our feet and back out and about.


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