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Be Bronchiolitis Aware

November 9, 2015

I’d love to start this post by saying we had an amazing Bonfire night which was as fun as our Halloween. But it wasn’t to be.


The outlook from M’s room is amazing and when we viewed the house for the first time it was the huge garden and this view that made us look past the years of neglect and decide it was worth the work.  It is here that every year since, we perch on M’s bed and watch for miles the fireworks explode into the sky.  This year there, as always there would be popcorn and hot chocolate.


As I mentioned though it was not meant to be.  M had picked up a virus and inevitably passed it to J.  Ordinarily it wouldn’t be an issue.  But this is J we are talking about.


At 14 weeks old he also caught a virus from M and for some reason was unable to fight it off.  He became more and more sick and was admitted to Alder Hey Hospital.  The place is famous, one of the best children’s hospitals in the country but growing up we had little to do with it and certainly lucky to avoid any long term admissions.  J continued to deteriorate once admitted and was eventually diagnosed with something called RSV positive bronchiolitis, a virus that starts with symptoms like a common cold but in J’s case led to pneumonia.  He was in the hospital’s high dependency unit for over a week but eventually recovered thanks to the absolute amazing nursing care on HDU and came home on my birthday.  Unfortuntely he has had chest problems since and is now on long term treatment for asthma.


We know the pattern now when he becomes unwell and try to catch it early instead of him needing hospital treatment.  This time it didn’t work out, so I sat uncomfortably in a hard chair with my poorly boy asleep in my lap watching the fireworks from the hospital window.  Thankfully he is now home and recovering (and laying next to me sleeping peacefully as I write)


Until our experience last year I’d never really heard of, or at least understood about bronchiolitis and how common it is or how dangerous it can become.  We have become so used to the saying ‘it’s just a cold’ when our children get sick and continuing to send them to nursery, playgroups or school that we might not even realise the consequences of doing so.



This time of year is classed as the bronchiolitis season and it tends to continue until March.  Here’s hoping they aren’t the longest 4 months of our lives!!


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