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God Bless Internet Shopping and Our Postman!

December 15, 2016

Is it only me that sits here and think when did I actually break that mirror?!


So, it’s week number 3 of being indoors with the dreaded pox and 3 weeks closer to Christmas.  In actual fact there are not many shopping days left at all.  Seriously how did that happen.  I’m organised, sort of.  But today I thought J is probably ok to go out for a bit, we had a little list of stuff to do.  Nothing major just bits that we could fit in today that would add a few more ticks on the checklist.


But no! I decided to nip to the local retail park to swap something really quickly i picked up by mistake last night.  Five mins tops and I would be done, heading home to J and to relieve my Mum.  And what happens? The car totally and utterly gives up on me.  Not on a quiet side road, but on a busy duel carriage way.  Like I said, when did I break that mirror?


Anyway it did start and we did manage to get closer to home until it happened again.  And this time it was not going to move!  As luck would have it the bus that stops outside our house came round the corner, so on I jumps and made it home.  Car still stuck in our village.


Obviously mine and J’s shopping trip is off and the things we were going to tick off today has just been added back onto my long list of things still to do and quite honestly sitting here I don’t know when they will get done and I could cry.


But then the door went.  It was our postman with some parcels and the reminder that all is not lost and that internet shopping is amazing, and in fact sometimes a whole lot nicer than waiting in endless queues.


Because this arrived today, M’s Christmas outfit.



I knew exactly what I wanted for her little Christmas Day dress this year but couldn’t seem to find it anywhere.  Then I found it, a gorgeous tartan dress by Mayoral.  We managed to get it in the sale at Cherubs online and it came wrapped in lovely Christmas paper and tied with a bow and it put such a smile on my face.  So simple yet so nice to open and find this. So thank you Cherubsonline you’ve well and truly bought back the Christmas cheer to this happy Mama.

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