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Halloween Weekend

November 2, 2015

We always make Halloween a house event (hubby’s term), nothing big but it’s always fun.  Each year it gets easier to find fun things in the shops to add to the atmosphere.


Although I love Halloween I have to confess I can’t stand scooping out the insides of the pumpkin flesh and always leave that part to the hubby!  This year however we discovered this guy on our travels and he looks fab, even more so with the Halloween Yankee Candle next to him.  The candy corn scent smells amazing!





I’ve noticed the shops are selling off lots of unsold Halloween goodies already.  I’ve managed to pick up a 2 pack of felt garlands; Witch’s hats and black cats for £1.50 instead of £6.00 and some Halloween napkins 38p, both from Sainsburys.  Both can be easily put away ready for next year.  Look out for the seasonal Yankee Candle sales in outlet shops too, you can almost always grab a bargain and with Yankee Candles you can guarantee they will smell just as good the following year.


We always have party food for tea on Halloween but this year because it fell on a Saturday we made an occaision for lunch too.  We had winter warming soup and brown bread accompanied of course by witches brew.  The brew was simple to make and looked great as it bubbled in the jug.  With the help of M we added cranberry juice and lemonade, was also made some with sparkling water to limit the sugar intake and fizzy drinks are normally a big  no no!!  The brew was finished off with slices of fresh limes.


















Our fun day was finished of with a quick round of trick or treat at the neighbours and duck apple with a very sleep black cat and pumpkin!  My black cat declared she wish she could start the day again and the following day wanted to dress up again.  Especially when she spotted these in the garden, our very real Halloween props!  #gottolovenature








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