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Shopping…for a school uniform!

June 23, 2015

Through the endless sleepless nights that accompanied our darling daughter, the nights where she refused point blank to go in her cot and we were even pushed one night into the horrendous controlled crying techniques.  The nights where I sat feeding her literally all night.  I never thought this day would come.


But wow it has.  And those difficult times seem now to have gone in a blink of an eye.


Today we went school uniform shopping! And I cant quite believe it.


In exactly ten weeks and one day my baby girl starts school.  She is so ready, so excited about it especially after our trip to class last week to meet our teacher.  How lucky are we, we have two teachers Miss Jones and Mrs Ness, both very friendly and both very welcoming.


So with pinafore in hand we headed to the changing room.  We chose this cute traditional pinafore from Marks and Spencer, really reasonably priced I thought and there is 20% off at the moment which was an added bonus.  I could tell she felt important and promptly asked ‘don’t I look gorgeous?’, I’m glad she felt so comfortable especially as M actually starts school on her fifth birthday!  Would it be right to send her in first day with little cupcakes for her new friends or should i not?  Just in case there are friends with allergies, intolerances or just not allowed cake?!


This is all new to us.  A massive step but i’m sure we will learn just as we have so far.  The next step is the tie, the cardigan, the pump bag, new wellies for wet play and the shoes that according to M have to be the shiniest in the shop. And the we are good to go. Just like that.

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