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Winter Skin Care Routine

January 20, 2017

Not sure if it’s just me but January makes me really want to look after myself and start a fresh.  Once Christmas and all of it’s amazing trimmings is over I have this real need to eat healthy again.  I also feel like I really want to take care of my skin. The cold mornings doing the school run and the days where you don’t want to put the heating off really plays complete havoc with your skin and its taken me ages to finally find skin care products that really suit me.


As everyone knows I love a bargain but there are some things that I’m more than happy to spend on and after years of trying endless products Clarins is a must for me.  To minimise cost I try and buy them in a way that the products i’m using run out during different months of the year so im not splashing out on a few items a month.  I think because Clarins is more of a luxury brand and you do pay out more it made me want to make sure I was using them religiously, now I always follow my routine basically because it feels wrong not to.



clarins cleanser


This feels and smells absolutely lovely.  It contains tiny particles that exfoliate your skin gently and it does feel amazing after each use but I use it in combination with a facial loofah to get more of an exfoliating effect.  I use this morning and night without fail.



clarins toner


This is the nicest toning lotion I have tried.  I really feel like it compliments the cleanser and like some toners doesn’t give that stinging feeling when applying it.



clarins cream


The thing I hate more than anything is when you feel like your skin is suffering and you know you need a good moisturiser but the ones that seem to make any difference seem so heavy and greasy. Your skin is never dry and dehydrated feeling and yet it really feels like you aren’t even wearing a moisturiser.  This stuff is truly amazing and perfect for those long winter days.


Like I said, I’m totally aware that this is more of a luxury skin care routine and by no means is this the only one that will give you benefit, it’s just the one that I have found works best for me.  At a fraction of the cost but also really lovely is The Body Shop’s Aloe range.



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